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Sensations III


Female Eroticism


Female eroticism is more than a nude body and the obvious visual challenges it can create.

It is the hidden beauty behind a suggestive movement, the simplicity in the design of a complex visual beauty; it is about depth, the play of shadow and light; a game of good and evil, it is about sensitivity and power.

The desire is created by attitude, through the mood, sensuality is covered with mystery; as we leave more to our imagination eroticism becomes stronger because we do not put limits in our thoughts... only in our actions.

Fine Art Nude Photography


Some people say there is a very thin line, dividing fine nude art or erotic photography from pornography. However, for the artists, working in the nude art segment, and for fine art fans the distinction between these two notions is vast and obvious.

Of course, viewing fine nude photographs does arouse basic human instincts, such as sexuality. However, primordial beauty of the human body, its perfection and pureness still remain at the key focus on nude photographs. Even naked human body still has so many secrets unrevealed. Maybe, it is because the body itself is the clothing for a soul…

Unfortunately, the attitude of the mass audience towards nude art is spoiled by many social prejudices, religious dogmas, and fake moral principles. Though, there is much more pureness and honesty in fine nude photography than, for example, in politics or trade. People, who understand this, can understand the real artistic value of fine nude art, looking far beyond and seeing much more than female breasts on such photos. Nude photography often accentuates emotions and feelings. Look deeply into the eyes of the models and you will see the whole new world with love and sufferings, joy and sorrow, and true uncovered sexuality, of course.